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We partner directly with top retailers, major department stores, and other popular suppliers in the United States to give you access to brand name merchandise at a fraction of the cost.

Companies often liquidate for the purpose of offloading excess inventory (for example, when going out of business). This is a natural part of reverse logistics that nearly every business faces. Reverse logistics is at the end of the supply chain when customers purchase and then return products. Sometimes they discount these items in the store, and other times, they are sold off by the pallet. These retail liquidation pallets are similar to those offloaded by companies going out of business. The difference is that these companies remain in business.

A manifested load is when the merchandise is itemized by the supplier and a list is provided. On the otherhand, an unmanifested load does not include an itemized list of products. Unmanifested loads do not necessarily mean they are worse than manifested loads. In fact, they often contain high value products at lower prices since they are unprocessed loads shipped directly from the store.

Shipping cost ranges widely depending on distance for truckloads (FTL) and volume weight and distance for less than truckloads (LTL). We offer competitive shipping rates if needed. However, customers can also arrange their own shipping, or even pick up directly from us and save!

Since we are a wholesale company, we do not charge sales tax on purchases. Retailers are required to collect these taxes in accordance to state and local tax laws. Please note, a valid resellers permit must be provided for business accounts. Customers may still purchase without a resellers permit. However, sales tax will be charged with each order.

All sales of liquidation merchandise is final. No returns, refunds, or exchanges. Please be aware of these terms before placing any order.

You may browse, add to cart, and request quotes without registering an account. However, an account must be created to finalize an order.

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